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Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie appears to have subtly responded to reports that their 21 year old daughter is dating 49 year old music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The internet rumor mill has been heating up, after a video showing Lori Harvey and Diddy on an apparent date in Miami leaked.

The union of Diddy and Lori is surprising for two reasons. First, Diddy is old enough to be her father. And second, Lori used to date Diddy's 23 year old son Justin.

Well Marjorie posted a photo on Instagram that many are saying was posted "in response" to the rumors.

The image shows Marjorie and Steve turned away from the camera, looking upset. Marjorie has her hand on Steve's back as if she in consoling him after hearing the rumors.

Here is the image:

In the comments someone asked whether Marjorie heard the rumors about her daughter. And Marjorie "liked" the comment, suggesting that this post was specifically about the rumors.

While many women have applauded Lori for living her best life as she sees fit, there have been some detractors, of course. When someone on social media tried to call the beauty a “hoe” for her dating choices, her mother, Marjorie, let the person know, “this is my daughter…not your mother.”

As for Diddy, he seems quite unbothered by any commentary on what he has going on and with whom. He shared an image of himself lying out on a lounge chair, smoking in the Miami Beach sun with the caption, “Sometimes you need to take some time for yourself.”

After more than 10 years together, Diddy and Cassie confirmed last fall that they had called it quits. And while Diddy had reportedly been seen dating a young model named Jocelyn Chew for a short time soon after, Cassie and new boyfriend Alex Fine are already saying “I love you” and seem quite serious — and happy.