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Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie released a video last week, showing how the Harvey family celebrates Christmas. But the video noticeably did NOT include Steve's two biological daughters, and some are suggesting that could mean a strain in the family.

The video is now going viral, and some are suggesting that Marjorie was wrong for omitting Steve's first family.

Steve has two 34 year old daughters. The twin girls, Brandi and Karli, are from his marriage to his first wife Marcia. But the ladies are nowhere to be found in the Harvey family Christmas video.

In the beginning of the video, Marjorie shows a family photo, but Steve's two biological daughters are missing from the photo along with their husbands and children.

It's not clear what Steve's relationship is with his two adult daughters, but Steve does NOT appear to follow them on Instagram.

In the next couple of slides, Marjorie does show a pic of Steve's biological grandson.

But then Majorie showed off a bedroom for her grandkids. If you notice, there were only 4 bunk beds in the bedroom.  That's strange because Steve has 5 grandkids.

Marjorie, on the other hand, has just 4 grandkids [her son has 3 and her oldest daughter has 1]. 

Some commenters to the video are suggesting that the grandkids room - is just for her 4 grandchildren and not Steve's.

Here's the video: