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Have you ever wanted to party like socialite Marjorie Harvey - well now you have a chance.

Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie is selling tickets to her 55th birthday party, being held in Cancun Mexico. And fans are invited - so long as they cough up some $$.

The party is being held on Thursday October 10th, and fans that buy tickets to Steve's Sand & Soul Festival will get an invite. According to Marjorie, she plans on having a "special guest" performing for her.

It will costs a hefty $2,500 to $8,000 per person to go to the excursion. But get more than just tickets to the party for that bread. Steve & Marjorie will provide hotel accommodations, food and drinks for the weekend.

Here's Marjorie, talking about her party:

Given Marjorie's extravagant taste, we can only imagine how lavish the party will be.

For those interested in buying tickets, visit the website here.

In case you're wondering - yes MTO News will be there, sipping Pina Coladas and looking for people to snitch on.