There have been divorce rumors surrounding Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie for some time now- but now, those rumors are going in OVERDRIVE. 

Steve's beautiful wife Marjorie Harvey has apparently stopped wearing her wedding ring - and it's causing many to wonder whether the couple has split up.

Over the summer, the couple went on a month-long world vacation in August. During their trip, the Harveys also rented a luxury yacht (at an estimated cost of $1 million a week) to celebrate marjorie's 55th birthday. Then after 3 weeks in the Mediterranean, Steve and Marjorie flew to Africa to continue their world travels.

And everything seemed fine - great in fact - between them. But looks can be deceiving. And for some, spending a month alone with your spouse - can be a dangerous proposition.

Since returning to the United States, Marjorie has not posted a single picture or video of her husband - which is rare for her. She's also stopped wearing her wedding ring.

Here's a picture of Marjorie two weeks ago, supporting her friend at a hospital - Marjorie is not wearing her ring:

And this weekend, Marjorie posted pics of herself enjoying her time with her grand children. Steve was not in any of these pics or in the videos - and Marjorie did NOT have on her ring in these pics either: