Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie is classy and sophisticated - but she turns into a pitbull if you go after her kids.

One commenter went on daughter Lori Harvey's page and started leaving mean and disparaging comments on the 21 year old's posts.

Well Marjorie saw the posts and decided to take action. Marjorie called the woman out - and said that the commenter's MOTHER was a h*e.

Here's the interaction


Marjorie has some street in her. Before meeting Steve, Marjorie was married to two men - both reportedly drug dealers.

Marjorie first husband was accused of being a drug pusher in Memphis. Although his name has been kept away from the media, rumor has it that he was arrested and jailed for life. 

Marjorie divorced her first husband and went on to date yet another man, Darnell Woods. Woods is one of the Woods brothers that became known for their notoriety in drug dealing. The 4 brothers were jailed in 2002 for distribution of marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

From these two marriages, Marjorie has three kids; Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Morgan Harvey.