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Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie has a discriminating taste - she prefers the finer things in life. And Steve, who loves and cherishes Marjorie, is happy to give her anything that her heart desires.

Yesterday Marjorie let her fans into some of the lavishness that she enjoys in her life.

The gorgeous socialite showed her fans a $7,000 bottle of Petrus, from 1989. She told fans that she was planning on finishing off the bottle in the morning.


Petrus is one of the most exclusive wines in the world. Bottles can go up tp $50K.

Here's how that bottle that Marjorie drank is described on the luxury wine site Sokolin:


Multi-millionaire collectors will have fun comparing the 1989 and 1990 Petrus. The 1989 has a slightly more saturated color, and seems more tightly knit both aromatically and on the palate. However, this is splitting hairs, as this is another stunningly opulent, rich, full-bodied, amazingly concentrated, exotic, flamboyant Petrus that remains remarkably youthful, and in need of 7-8 more years of bottle age. 

Marjorie and Steve celebrated their 11 year anniversary this past summer. And according to Steve, he's never been happier in his life.

Here's the video from Marjorie's Stories: