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Steve Harvey's wife really pulled out all the stops for her husband's birthday - cooking him an 8 course dinner.

Marjorie has tons of skills - one of which is being a trained chef. She put together the menu for Steve's birthday dinner, that included all of Steve's favorite foods.

Marjorie spent weeks working out all the recipes, and on his birthday she supervised the preparation of the meal. She hired a team of chefs to help her prepare the meal.

And the meal looked delicious. Here is a screenshot of the 8 course meal menu:


Marjorie also baked Steve's favorite cake for him, a German chocolate cake. It looked equally scrumptous:


But there was one food item that Marjorie did not prepare - Steve's "official" birthday cake. That cake was created by a designer - who shaped it into two of Steve's favorite things, cigars and golf.

The cake was a Cohiba cuban cigar box, with a golf ball on top. Steve, who turned 62, loved the idea.

In addition to this delicious meal, Steve let his fans know, in the comments on Marjorie's page - that all he wanted for his birthday this year - is some s*x from his beautiful wife.

Steve honored his wife first, saying that Marjorie is his "ride or die" and his "best friend." But then the comments turned s*xual. The talk show host added that, "she got something real fly for me today and she ain't gotta shop for it."

Marjorie has already shown that she can be generous to her hubby. As MTO News reported, Mrs Harvey bought Steve a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phanton for Christmas.