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Marjorie Harvey, the wife of comedian/talk show host Steve Harvey is going viral again.

A picture leaked which shows Steve's wife and their daughter Lori Harvey kissing on the lips - and it has some people upset.

Marjorie and Lori are currently on a two month-long world vacation. 

Lori and her mom visited 12 countries across three continents in the past two months. The mother-daughter duo spent time in Africa (where they went on Safari), Asia (where they toured Japan and Indonesia), and Europe (they are currently in London).

All throughout their vacation, Marjorie and Lori have been posting pics on Instagram - documenting their travels.

But one image - turned up online - that does not appear on either woman's Instagram page. The image shows the two ladies kissing on the lips, and it is causing controversy.

Here is the image:


Here are some of the comments from social media:

Once you’re old enough to have sucked a d*ck... that should be the end of this. 

They are too old for that. A kiss on the cheek is more than fine. 

It's a little weird

I ain't kissing nobody on they mouf but my man.

The nearly month-long getaway was filled with unique experiences like Samurai sword lessons, cooking lessons, submarine rides, safaris, hot air balloon rides, and a night at the opera accompanied with stays at some of Four Seasons’ most luxurious properties. Thinking you need a travel moment like this in your life? Well, this bucket list slaycation will run you a cool $147,000 per person. For Marjorie and Lori, we’re sure it was worth every penny because the memories made were priceless.