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Steve Harvey's daughter Lori was spotted out in Los Angeles the other night, she looked cute and understated. But she definitely wasn't understated - she was carrying a $30K purse.

Lori - who has done a lot of modeling work with Chanel was carrying a very rare Chinchilla fur white Chanel bag. The bag only went on sale in a few Chanel boutiques in Paris, and it costs about $30K.

So where did Lori get a $30K purse? A friend of Lori's tells MTO News, "She borrowed it from her mother." Lori's mother is celebrity socialite Marjorie Harvey, Steve's wife.

Lori is on a public mission to bring back the "good girl" image in society. And it's working. Her name has been trending online now for the past few months. And she's been everywhere in recent weeks. Lori is hoping to create a "new" standard for beauty.

The 21-year-old college student/model is working hard to get women (and young girls) to take a new approach.

She's working with a number of brands to make being a "good girl" hot again. And she's all about living naturally, and accepting the body that God gave you. The lovely young lady has not had any plastic surgery done to her body.


She’s signed to L.A. Models and Select Model Management in Europe and at just 5’3, she proves that she doesn’t have to have mile-long legs to kill it on the runway. With a career that includes appearances in Paris Fashion Week in 2017 and this year’s New York and Milan Fashion Week, the star is standing in her own light.