Steve Harvey's daughter Lori is bouncing from celebrity to celebrity. MTO News can confirm that the talk show host's gorgeous daughter Lori is now dating hip hop star Future.

Lori, 22, recently broke up with 49 year old music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs after pics of him on a date with a Latina were leaked online.

And it appears that Lori has moved on... quickly! 

A personal friend to Lori told MTO News, "Lori and Future had been friends, and now they're seeing where things can go."

And the two "experimented" with their new relationship this weekend - when the couple spent the weekend together in Malibu.

Lori has quite a celebrity body count. In addition to dating Diddy, she's been romantically linked to Drake, Meek Mill, Trey Songz, Diddy's son Justin, and a few NBA players.

Of course Future's body count is likely in the thousands, so he's no saint either. And the rapper has 9 children, from 8 different babys' mothers. 

Anyway - we have pics that confirm that the couple spent the weekend together, in Malibu California.

Here are the receipts, taken from the new couple's Instagram Live:


Lori was reportedly arrested by the Beverly Hills Police Department for a hit and run and delaying a police investigation, according to E! News. She reportedly received a misdemeanor citation instead of being booked. We've reaching out to the BHPD for confirmation on this and will update this post with information when made available.

Future supposedly had a brief fling with Lori in 2018, according to BET. He got salty about last December when she was photographed going jewelry shopping with Trey Songz, 34. “You ducked too late. I see you. I like that, it’s cute,” he said in an Instagram Live session, presumably directed towards Lori (and her failure to hide this other alleged romance.) At the time, Justin Combs, 25, the son of Diddy and another one of Lori’s paramours, mimicked Future’s saltiness. “Should’ve ducked sooner,” he captioned one of his now-deleted Instagram pictures.