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Steve Harvey's DAUGHTER Gets ENGAGED . . . But Her Fiance's EX-GF Is On Instagram . . . SPILLING ALL KINDS OF JUICY TEA!!!

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Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey announced last week that she was getting engaged to her boyfriend, soccer player Memphis Depay. Well Memphis' ex is all in her feelings.

She went on Instagram talking about how she MADE him . . . and when he got on, dude LEFT HER.

Here's what she said:

I have been quiet for over a year because i thought you deserved joy in life. But today i speak my heart out cause what you have done to me has hurt me in a way i never expected from you.

You have been begging for years for me to give you a chance. It took me a lot, to trust you and to give you a chance. You were very kind, gentle and treated me respectfully what made me feel like you deserved to be a part of my life. I did all i could to make sure you would be fine. Warned you for the bad, kept you away from the nightclubs and kept you focused on the future. I kept us private and silent so your focus on football would be stronger than ever and it did.

It was the most successful year of your career. I prayed for you to gain success and achieve all you ever dreamed of. Once your dreams came true, once you left the country and received your fame. You forgot me and i let you. I felt so lied to while i gave you all my trust.

What i won't accept is the hurt you left me in, continue to hurt me and you know exactly by what i mean. You can block me on Instagram, but you can never block me in real life. You can announce your first fame-love to the world on my birthday and now celebrate your fame-anniversary on my birthday too. You won't hurt me with it, you only make yourself think of me each time you have to celebrate that anniversary.

I wished you well but i forgot to explain you hurting the ones who supported you when no one heard your voice or knew you, will only get back at you in the worst way. God may have given you all the success when you were with me, but i'm sure blessings only happen when you are surrounded by good spirits and the ones who are lifting you up.

I hope your downfall has been as hurtful and as awful like you left me heartbroken, left without any explanation, exchanged me with your favorite celebs list like i never existed. You are the worst lie a woman can ever go through in her life. I feel sorry for everyone who still believes in you.

My hurt is over Memphis, i forgive you for all you did but sure i will never forget.

You shouldn't have messed with the Queen.
Done. @memphisdepay #memphisdepay

This is the ex:

And this is Memphis with Steve's daughter Lori: