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Steve Harvey's daughter Lori is now dating R&B superstar Trey Songz, MTO News has confirmed. 

Last year, Trey Songz appeared on Steve Harvey's show, looking for love, and he appears to have found it - with Steve's daughter.

About a year ago, Trey Songz was a guest of Steve Harvey's talk show. Steve brought Trey on in an attempt to find him a love connection. Trey, 34, told Steve that he was having a difficult time finding a woman and needed help.

During the show, Steve tried to hook up Trey with 3 beautiful women. Unfortunately the love connection didn't work.

Here's a video from the show:

But Steve may have inadvertently hooked Trey up for with the love of his life.

MTO News confirmed that it was that day that Trey met Steve's daughter Lori - who was working on the show.

The two exchanged info, and now more than a year later, Trey is dating Steve's gorgeous celebrity socialite daughter.

Yesterday the couple was spotted out in Beverly Hills, and the paparazzi managed to snap a few pics of them together.

Here are the pics: