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Steve Harvey's daughter took a vacation earlier this year with a group of her friends and her parents. All of Lori's friends were flown to Mexico on Steve & Marjorie's private jet. And once they landed, they stayed in a 20,000 square foot villa that Steve rented out for the family.

One of Lori's closest friends is Teyana Taylor. Yes, the same Teyana Taylor with the perfect body. You would think that I the two were next to each other wearing bikinis that Teyana would completely UPSTAGE Lori.

Well, you'd be wrong. Teyana and Lori were both on the beach wearing bikinis. And surprisingly Lori's body looked JUST AS GOOD as Teyana's.

Here are pics of the two beauties on the beach together playing volleyball.

Here is the FIRST pic

Here is the SECOND pic

Here is the THIRD pic