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Last month there were rumors that Steve Harvey's daughter Lori was pregnant, and that her babys father is 49 year old mogul Sean "Diddy' Combs.

Well now the rumors are about to get even louder.

Yesterday, the paparazzi caught up with Lori - as she went out to dinner at Matsuhisa with a friend. Her boyfriend Diddy was hanging out a few doors down at the Peppermint Club.

As soon as Lori saw the paparazzi, MTO News learned that Steve's daughter immediately used her hand to try and cover her stomach.

One person at the scene explained, "It was an involuntary movement. As soon as she saw [the paparazzi] her arm moved to cover her stomach."

And there's more. Lori has taken to wearing baggy clothes when out in public. Up until a few weeks ago, Lori preferred more form fitting clothes.

Here's her from last night:


And here she is a few weeks ago:


According to TMZ, "Diddy and Lori set off pregnancy rumors last weekend coming back from another romantic getaway in Cabo, after Diddy and Lori became super handsy with her belly."

Sources close to the couple tell us Diddy was touching her tummy because he was complimenting her on her tight abs ... as she was flaunting them with her open shirt. 

Here's the thing ... we're told the rap mogul and Steve Harvey's 22-year-old daughter are getting very serious. The fact they've been inseparable the past few months -- in NYC, Italy and elsewhere -- paints a pretty clear picture. 

Our sources say the love train is going to keep on rolling this weekend at the Revolt Summit festival in Atlanta too ... where Diddy's the headliner.