Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey is going viral this morning, because of some hateful comments posted about her feet on social media.

Lori unveiled a gorgeous new photo spread in the new issue of Harpers Bazaar magazine. And some haters on social media focused solely on the beauty's feet.

Her feet are being called "fat" in the images. Here is the pic that people are using to say that her feet are "fat"

If you want to get a better look at the images, see below.


The comments are particularly troubling, since Lori recently lost a lot of weight. She's a skinny chick now. But a coupe of years ago, Lori was more on the "thick" side.

Here's what Lori used to look like, before she lost the weight:


Last month Lori found herself in a bit of hot water with Beyonce fans...

Reports said that, fans of Beyonce swarmed the social media accounts of Lori because the 22-year-old socialite, model and equestrian was spotted conversing with Jay-Z at Roc Nation's pre-Grammy brunch event Saturday. And she was smiling ear to ear.

Members of the Beyhive promptly peppered Harvey's Instagram page with bee emojis (their calling card) and threatening messages warning Harvey to leave Beyoncé's husband alone.

"Let this be your first warning. And you know what I'm talking about," wrote one Bey fan under one of Harvey's Instagram photos.

"Now Lori you don’t want these problems.. you better turn that head right side up," wrote another fan in response to the video of Harvey and the rapper chatting it up.

Harvey has since disabled the comments on her post and responded to let everyone know that she's part of the Beyhive, too.

Harvey made waves earlier this month when it was reported that she had left boyfriend Trey Songz. Soon, she was linked to Diddy's son, Justin Combs, and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, among others.