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Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey was caught "flirting" with Jay Z yesterday, as Jay's wife Beyonce was away hosting an event for their RocNation company.

Lori Harvey was one of the celebrity guests invited to Jay Z and Beyonce's annual RocNation brunch. She's the daughter to Marjorie Harvey - Steve Harvey's third wife.

Lori made sure that she ran into Beyonce's husband as he was working the room.

And Lori was openly flirting with the very married mogul.

Lucky for Beyonce, it doesn't appear that Jay Z was falling for Lori's charm offensive. At one point in the conversation, it appears that Jay Z tells Lori Harvey "'I'm married." And in response, it appear that Lori says to Jay, "I know but like."

The video cut off, so it's impossible to know for certain how the conversation ended.

Watch the video and read both of their lips:

The 22-year-old posted a number of Instagram photos and stories during the event, including a clip in which she is seen smiling and laughing with Hov. Bey's fans immediately jumped into attack mode and immediately accused Harvey of trying to shoot her shot with a married man.

Not only did the hive flood Harvey's comment sections with bee emojis—their go-to attack method—they also lodged some unnecessarily harsh threats. Again, all this woman did was talk to JAY with a smile on her face.

"Let this be the first and last time we hear of you and a Carter family member in the same vicinity," one Instagram user wrote.

Jay Z and Beyonce have been the subject of cheating rumors before. Beyonce openly admitted that Jay Z cheated on her multiple times, and that she almost left him.

Jay has since gone to counseling, and claims that he plans to NEVER cheat on Beyonce again.

We just wonder if Jay has the strength to resist that game that Lori Harvey was spitting in his ear though . . .