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Steve Harvey is regretful of his on-air clash with fellow comedian, Mo'Nique.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Harvey opened up about his heated debate which trended globally on social media.

“I’ve got to slow down when I’m talking,” Harvey, told PEOPLE. 

“I can’t get into heated discussions, and I’ve got to just guard my words more carefully.”

On the show, Harvey told Mo'Nique that she should have handled her dispute with Netflix differently before telling her that putting food on his family's table trumped integrity at times.

“I take full responsibility for it, it came out my mouth, so I can’t say that I didn’t say it,” Harvey continued. “But to people that really know me, I have lived my whole life as a man of integrity. So when I was referring to ‘integrity’ in that interview, I was talking about the method in which things were being done, and that is all it was.

“I never questioned anybody’s principles or anybody’s causes,” he continued. “I was merely questioning, for the 50-minute interview, the method that she chose going about doing it — and I regret that looking back at it now, because that was a bad choice of words.”

He also explained why the conversation ended up in a shouting match:

“I shouted out and it happened, I regret it, but I want young people, the kids that come to my camps, the young people that I mentor, the fans that really respect me, to know to just charge that one to my head and not to my heart,” he said. “Because in my heart, that is not what I have asked anyone to do. I have lived my whole life as a man of integrity, and I will stand on that, but I was really just talking about the method that they went about doing what they did, and that was it.”