Lori Harvey is currently dating rap superstar Future, who has 8 children, from 7 different women. Now it's looking like he might have baby #9 on the way.

Earlier this week, Future brought his 22 year old girlfriend Lori out to Atlanta - for his 36th birthday party.

Since the party rumors are swirling that Lori may be pregnant.

Here's what we know. Lori was assigned two huge security guards to follow her around the party. And No one was allowed to get closer to her. Tons of celebrities were there - including Tiny & TI, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz - and no one had more security than Lori.

Also Lori did NOT drink - and people were not allowed to smoke weed near her either. Lori sipped on seltzer water all night, and didn't even drink champagne during a toast for her boyfriend. And her giant goon-guards made sure that any weed smokers were moved away Steve's daughter.

And according to one of our insiders, they spotted Future rubbing Lori's belly. The insider explained to MTO News, "Future was rubbing her belly and whispering in her ear. I think she's pregnant."

Then there's the alleged belly bulge. Here's the pic of Lori. You can see a teeny weeny bulge. But that could just be a food baby . . .


Lori and Future have reportedly been dating now for 2 months.