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Steve and Marjorie Harvey were on vacation for the past month, sailing around the Mediterranean on their yacht and clearly living their best life.

Well, now the pair are on to a more somber vacation. Steve flew the entire Harvey family out to Ghana, and the family visited the Cape Coast Castle. That's the place where slaves were tortured, before being shipped to The Americas.

The Cape Coast Castle is a horrible place - and a reminder of just how much Black people had to endure - to still be alive today. Slavery was likely the greatest evil done in the history of mankind.

Famous for The Steve Harvey Show and his Miss Universe mishap in 2015, American comedian and actor, Steve Harvey, is in Ghana on vacation and for the ‘Year of Return.’

The comedian, alongside his family, will visit some selected tourist sites including castles where slaves were kept. This will expose him to Ghanaian and African history and culture.

Here are pictures, that show how emotional the moment was for Steve and Marjorie:

We're told that Steve "broke down" during the visit - and was emotionally "spent."

Luckily for us all, Marjorie brought her celebrity cameraman Robert Ector with her - to capture pictures from the touching moment.

Here are some of his images:

The Year of Return is an initiative by the government of Ghana aimed at marking 400 years since the first black slaves landed in Jamestown, Virginia. It was launched last year in Washington, D.C., by Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo, for Africans in the diaspora to visit the West African country as part of the commemoration 400th year since the first African slaves landed in Virginia.

This initiative has seen an array of celebrities across the globe make their way into Ghana to explore, learn and appreciate their roots, as well as, unite with Africans on the continent.

Steve Harvey and his family were welcomed to Ghana by the Minister of Tourism, Babara Oteng Gyasi and the Year of Return committee who met them at the W.E.B DuBois Center in Accra.