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Steve Harvey plans on confronting 49 year old Sean “Diddy” Combs over rumors that he’s dating Steve’s 22 year old step-daughter Lori Harvey.

According to a person close to the talk show host, Steve has arranged a sit down with Diddy, after rumors surfaced that the 49 year old mogul is dating Steve’s daughter.

The insider explained, “All the Diddy rumors came out when [Steve] was on vacation with Marjorie.”

Now that he’s back in Los Angeles, MTO News learned that Steve reached out to Diddy -and the two are having a sit down this weekend, to iron out everything.

The insider explained, “Steve wants to have a man-to-man talk, find out what’s going on. And make sure that if they are together, that Diddy treats her right.”

Rumors of Lori and Diddy went into overdrive last week, when Lori was spotted driving around in Diddy’s chauffeured Maybach.


So will Steve approve of Diddy? It’s not clear.

The insider explained, “Anything is possible. It depends on how the talk goes, I guess.”