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Marjorie Harvey, the elegant, classy and wealthy wife to talk show host Steve Harvey showed off her favorite Christmas gift yesterday.

Marjorie got a lot of gifts from Santa this holiday season - but her favorite gift came from Steve. The super successful Steve bought his wife a 2019 convertible Ferrari 488 Spyder. The car carries a $350K price tag.

But Steve is happy and proud to spoil his wife. Steve has been open about how much he enjoys taking care of his wife, and buying her stuff to make her happy.

Here's the pic of Marjorie riding in her new 'RARRI.

And check out how young, beautiful and fresh Marjorie looks. Mind you, she just turned 54 years old.

Yesterday Marjorie made news when daughter Lori and R&B singer Trey Songz were spotted cuddling, sparking rumors. The couple was showing subtle PDA on social media and posing together for cameras in California, lately, and this all seemed to upset a few folks — even a few egotistically fragile male celebrities that she was previously linked to.

Despite the public hate, Lori has continued about her life, posting selfies as she usually does on her Instagram page. However, one of her latest was met with a harsh critique by a follower who wrote, "They say she a h*e it is true."

In true mama bear fashion, Lori's mother, Marjorie Harvey, took to the comments section, herself, to fiercely defend her cub, responding, "This is my daughter.. not your mother."