Steve Harvey has officially given Diddy the seal of approval - and has allowed him to date his 22 year old daughter.

Steve flew the 49 year old Sean "Diddy" Combs out to vacation with the Harvey family - on their yacht.

MTO News told you last week that Steve planned on having a man-to-man conversation with Diddy, regarding Lori. And it seems to have gone well. Lori, the 22 year old step-daughter, is dating the multi-millionaire Diddy.

Here are pics from their meeting today:

Diddy is currently staying on Steve and Marjorie's yacht in the Mediterranean. Its not clear what the sleeping arrangements are - and whether he's bunking with his 22 year old bae.

But Steve and Marjorie definitely seem happy with Diddy and Lori's new relationship.

Sean 'P Diddy' Combs was seen by the paparazzi as he enjoyed dinner with Lori Harvey and her father Steve Harvey at a restaurant in Nerano, Italy. The family gathering appeared to go well as they shared laughs and chatted throughout dinner. 

After the dinner, Diddy was seen traveling with the rest of the family, and getting on board the Harvey yacht.

Diddy's ex-girlfriend Kim Porter served as a mentor to Lori, when she was a pre-teen girl.

One of Kim's friends told MTO News, "Lori used to model and she did shows with [Kim and Diddy's] son Christian. Kim was like a mentor to Lori."

Lori, we're told, was like a member of Diddy's extended family. In fact - Lori even called Diddy's girlfriend "Mama Kim".

Diddy's girlfriend Kim tragically passed away last year, and Lori left a touching social media tribute to her "Mama Kim".