Black FEMINIST That Claims Stephen Clarke Should NOT BE SUPPORTED . . . Is Exposed . . . As Being A 'BED WENCH'!!!

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Stephon Clarke was murdered by Sacramento police two weeks ago. Since then, Black people all across the world have been protesting.

Last week MTO News uncovered old tweets by deceased Stephen - which were very DISRESPECTFUL towards Black women. Since our report, some Black activists - have said that Black people should STOP protesting Stephen's death.

One of the leaders of the ANTI-STEPHON movement - is a Black feminist named Chyna Fox. She created a YouTube video that was liked by THOUSANDS of people.

Regardless of how people felt about Stephon Clarke, he was still a young, Black man who was shot and killed by police officers - and that - we should not stand for. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is not about picking and choosing which Black lives matter. The young man was shot IN THE BACK on his GRANDMAMA LAWN! How less of a threat could he have been? The police allegedly mistook his cellphone for a gun.

Can she not spend her time on something more constructive other than desecrating the name of a DEAD Black man who is not able to defend himself. His death means that another Black woman lost her child.

Chyna Fox is entitled to her opinion and to not advocate or fight for Stephon Clarke.

Well, Chyna has old tweets also. And it looks like she was talking SPICY about Black people six years ago: