Stephon Clarke's BROTHER Issues The Family's LIST OF DEMANDS . . . Wants A Personal Assistant, Cars, Chauffeurs Etc..!! (Full List)

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You might not be familiar with Stevante Clark but he is the brother of Stephon Clark, the young man who was shot by Police in the Sacramento area. Today Stevante, who also goes by his rap name, Pharaoh Davinci returns to the headlines. He recently issued a list of his family's demands, through his social media and he means business.

After making news for busting up a Sacramento City Council meeting to protest his brother’s killing, Stevante has gone full general as the leader of the protests there. He and his family demand answers on how his unarmed, 22 year old brother was shot 8 times in the back on March 18. Blaming the police of a coverup, Stevante has been schmoozing with the Mayor, and taking the city to task on their offers of help with his thoughtful and well-written list of “family needs”.

Yes, his list does include the kitchen sink and more items you won’t believe.


Speak your thoughts on the list below and tell us is Pharaoh justified in asking for these items, in the light of this tragedy.