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Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin has allegedly been caught having a two-year affair with his masseuse after being caught on camera by paparazzi.

DailyMailTV alleges that they “caught” Stephen Baldwin cheating on his wife of 28 years with a “sexy professional masseuse.” The masseuse has been identified as Ruth Perez Anselmi.

It is alleged that Baldwin saw her during his business trips to L.A. after meeting at an L.A. physical therapy school. DailyMailTV caught Baldwin visiting Anseli’s three-bedroom apartment in Hollywood twice with footage of the couple hugging - with Anseli even stroking his arm.

Baldwn denied the reports.

“You’re out of your mind, brother … insane. [...]“Brother, watch what you’re saying now. Now you’re breaking the law, potentially, so be careful,” he warned the reporter who chalenged him about the affair before riding off on a scooter.

A friend of Anseli's is reported to have told the outlet:

“At first Ruth wasn’t interested in Stephen, he was not really her type, but he was very persistent. He pestered her for her number after the first massage but she politely refused. Then he turns up the next day and really laid on the charm, he was nice to her so she gave in and gave him her number. They met up not long after and before long Ruth was smitten.”

The source continued:

“Stephen has back problems so enjoys getting a massage from Ruth, she’s very good, but he soon had other things on his mind. Things quickly turned sexual, they were meeting up at the hotels he was staying at and then he would go her house near downtown LA. Earlier this year she moved to a nice apartment on Wilshire Boulevard and Stephen was thrilled because it was near where he wanted to be.”

Watch the video here.