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ESPN host Stephen A Smith is going viral today, after an old video of him is leaked, where he says that he is "insulted" when women with small bootys approach him.

Stephen seemed overly confident about himself in the clip. The ESPN anchor was visibly upset when talking about women with small butt's approaching him.

The talk show host told the audience "If you don't have booty, I'm insulted you even approached me."

Stephen then went on and told a story about his ex-girlfriend, who he was about to "throw out" of his hotel room. Stephen said that he saw the woman's booty, and changed his mind, telling her "It's really not important what we were arguing about."

The video has gone viral, and women are outraged by Stephen A Smith's comments.

Here is the video

According to Busted Coverage blog, 

You can tell that Stephen A. is not a faulty hot take artist because he talks about sex in the same way that he talks about Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Durant. “MAX KELLERMAN! IF THIS WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE VOLUPTUOUS THIGHS, YOU THINK THERE IS A CHANCE I WOULD COURT HER? NO. WAY. IN. HELLLLLL.”

And the quotes out of this thing are all time:

“I’m a booty leg and hip man to the core. If you don’t have that, it’s insulting that you even approached me.”

“I had a girlfriend who OBVIOUSLY was stacked. Kardashian, JLo, Beyonce type stacked.”

Finally, “her body was in the bedroom, but her booty was stickin outside of it. I realized what we were fightin about wasn’t that important, because by the end of that night I wanted that.”