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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith recently shared that half of the NFL owners who took part in the Colin Kaepernick workout did not want to do it.

"Not only do you not trust them, you sued them," Smith said during his appearance on All the Smoke with Matt Barnes. "You filed a grievance against them. You settled! You settled. Who files a grievance against a company, settles, and then still says, 'I want a job with you?'" 

Smith also added that JAY-Z really pushed for the workout, despite half of them not wanting to take part.

"I happen to know that JAY-Z and Roc Nation was leading the call behind-the-scenes, working with the NFL. Half the owners didn't want to do it. They literally said, 'Bump them.'" 

"We got the ratings back. Folks are walking through the turnstiles. We good. And not only that, we got four top league MVP candidates, and all of them are black quarterbacks. We don't need him. We ain't have to do all this. And I was told, 'JAY-Z was like, 'Oh hell no, yes you do...I need you to make sure you give this brother an opportunity.'"