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Stephen A. Smith faced the wrath of NFL player Eric Reid over scathing comments he recently made about Colin Kaepernick's decision to pass up on an NFL-organized workout. 

Smith posted a lengthy attack against Reid, who checked him for his remarks: 

"The more you talk, the more ridiculous you sound. Actually, it's worse than I thought since you're the one tweeting at me hours before a damn game. And speaking of the game, weren't you in Atlanta in attendance for Kaepernick's workout yesterday — before having to leave EARLY to play for a team in a league you're feeling so oppressed by?" 

He added that, "That same Malcolm X — who we all revere for life — you just brought up acknowledged there were slight errors in his thinking. You didn't bring that up? You Eric Reid went through the same process Kap was suppose to be go through and you're still playing on Sunday. But you didn't bring that up! And unlike you, walking around and doing nothing but bitching at every turn, myself and many others in the media have religiously called out the NFL for blackballing Kap. We've religiously highlighted the unfairness of it all. And some of us have worked behind the scenes, trying to help Jay-Z and others in their quest to get Kap back in the league."