NBA superstar Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha went out last nigh for a dinner date - and Ayesha looked amazing.

Ayesha gave birth to the couple's third child a little more than a year ago. And she's been working off that baby weight for the last 16 months.

Well now it's COMPLETELY off.

For last night's date, Ayesha decided to wear an outfit that would show off her new sexy body. The beautiful entrepreneur wore a short skirt, and a high cut blouse - to showed off her perfectly flat belly

Mrs. Curry's face looked extra pretty too. With the weight loss, Ayesha's sharp lovely features were visibly enhanced.

Oh - and we can't forget to mention her braids, which were GORGEOUS.


Ayesha and Steph have three children together. Two daughters - Riley, 7, and Ryan, 4.

And last year the couple welcomed into the world, their youngest - son Canon W. Jack Curry

Ayesha has previously opened up about the process of feeding her kids and when she and Stephen feel it’s appropriate to let them indulge a bit.

“In our house, you’re definitely not getting dessert if you don’t eat your dinner!” she told Parents magazine for the March cover issue. “But we do throw the rules out the window once in a while. We love to have movie night with the kids where we eat popcorn, ice cream and then breakfast for dinner.”