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Steph Curry's Wife AYESHA CURRY Caught LYING About RACIAL PROFILING . . . After She RETRACTS Claims The NBA Is RIGGED!!!

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America's LOVE AFFAIR with Steph Curry's wife Ayesha is coming to an end. As we speak, her Twitter mentions are in SHAMBLES. It all started last night when she Tweeted out hat she believes that the NBA Finals was "rigged" after her husband's team was BEATEN by LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers. learned that Ayesha was contacted by BOTH the NBA and the Golden State Warriors ownership and asked to remove the tweet. The top execs were upset that the MVP's wife was slandering their business, and undermining the game.

Well then Ayesha did what many people think - was very UNETHICAL, she claimed that her father was "racially profiled." Well that's NOT what happened. According to ESPN:

NBA security was on alert during Game 6 of the NBA Finals to find David Aminzadeh, who previously has sneaked in to countless major sporting events, an NBA official told The Undefeated. Quicken Loans Arena security checked the credentials of the father of Curry's wife, Ayesha, because they thought he looked like Aminzadeh, before determining they were mistaken.

NBA officials confirm that BOTH Ayesha and her father were made aware of the reason for the hold up. And for the record, the alleged con-man David is half White and half Persian - NOT Black. See below: