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MORE DRAMA!! Steph Curry's ALLEGED Side Chick. . . Is FLYING OUT TO CLEVELAND Now . . . To 'HELP OUT' The Team!!! (Is It Time . . . For Ayesha To PUT HANDS On The Girl)


Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha are about to have a little SITUATION on their hands.

Remember that "model" named Roni Rose, who people are saying may or may not be STEPH CURRY'S side piece - well she's FLYING out to Cleveland.

The model Roni Rose went on Instagram immediately after the game, and told folks that she bought tickets to the game- and plans to "help out" the Warriors.

MTO News told you EXCLUSIVELY how Steph was flirting with Roni 27 months ago . . . and showed you the video to prove it.

Ayesha's been busy debuting her new baby shoe wear line. She may have to put that on hold... to deal with mess.