The State Of ILLINOIS Is Trying To Make A New Law . . . Which Forces ALL SINGLE MOTHERS . . . To Put Their BABYS FATHERS ON CHILD SUPPORT!! (DETAILS)


The State Of Illinois is trying to pass some groundbreaking new law. If passed, many SINGLE MOTHERS will be FORCED to put their children's fathers on CHILD SUPPORT.

The new law says that if a father is not listed on a birth certificate to a newborn child, a birth certificate would not be issued for that child. Yeah, the child will NOT GET A BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!

In addition the mom will not be able to receive financial assistance from the government.

The bill is sponsored by two white Republican men: Rep. John D. Cavaletto of Salem and Keith Wheeler, who represents the western 'burbs.

Here's a snippet from the proposed legislation:

“Provides that if the unmarried mother cannot or refuses to name the child's father, either a father must be conclusively established by DNA evidence or, within 30 days after birth, another family member who will financially provide for the child must be named, in court, on the birth certificate. Provides that absent DNA evidence or a family member's name, a birth certificate will not be issued and the mother will be ineligible for financial aid from the State for support of the child.