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Another RACIST BOMBING Injures Two Blacks In Austin TX – Black Residents Are Told . . . ‘BE CAREFUL’!! (2 Blacks Killed + 2 Injured)

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A booby-trap tripwire blast wounded two men in Austin, Tex.; last night is believed to be the fourth RACIST BOMBING linked to a serial bomber terrorizing the city, according to police.
After reports of another explosion, this time in a Black neighborhood southwest of the city, first responders found two men with serious injuries. The victims, both in their 20s and African American were hurt in the 8:30 p.m. blast on Dawn Song Dr., near Eagle Feather Dr., officials said.

Both are expected to survive.

“We are working under the belief that this is related to the other bombing incidents that have occurred in our community over the last couple weeks,” Interim Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference early Monday.

One neighbor recalled hearing what “sounded like a car backfire,” according to the Austin Statesman newspaper.

The bomber has specifically targeted Black and Latinos in Austin. This is the third attack. The RACIST BOMBER already killed 2 people.

A 17-year-old Black boy died last week while opening a package he found on the porch of his southeast Austin home. A 39-year-old Black man was also killed when the package he found on his porch detonated northeast of the city.

The other bombing injured a Latina woman, who was dark skinned and looked Black.