Standout High School Basketball Player . . .  Shot To DEATH On 'Gentrified' Brooklyn Street!!

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16 year old Latrell Brown was shot and killed in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. He was a top recruited Basketball player and a good young man. His shooter, according to police, is a 17 year old boy named Justin Delapara. Delapara was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

The incident happened in front of 481 Macon St. around 2 p.m.

Police say that Latrell was on his way to basketball practice, when he was shot to death in front of his horrified girlfriend.

The shooting happened in a gentrified section of Bedford-Stuyvesant at 2 p.m. Wednesday. The neighborhood is not known to be dangerous - at least not after MILLION DOLLAR homes started popping up on the block.

And the shooting seemed completely senseless. His girlfriend - who witnessed the killing - spoke out to the local media.

Here's what the NY Daily News is reporting:

“Me and Latrell were walking, and this guy was making a face,” said girlfriend Sabrina Tucker, 17, who was best friends with the victim before beginning dating three years ago. She indicated that the victim didn’t recognize the shooter.

“Latrell asks the guy if he has a problem. He turns around and shoots him,” she told the Daily News. “I ran to him. I took my shirt and covered his head. I told him I needed him and loved him.”

Latrell was all but assured a college scholarship, where he would be able to play his favorite sport - Basketball, while getting a free education.

A vigil was held Thursday for the 16-year-old who was fatally shot on the streets in Bed-Stuy.