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Stacey Dash's Estranged Husband: I Was Hypnotized Into Marrying Her!!

Stacey Dash's estranged husband wants an annulment and is claiming that he was hypnotized into marrying the Clueless star.

Jeffrey Marty's filing claims the pair married ten days after Dash's pastor "unexpectedly and suddenly proclaimed that it was God's will" to tie the knot. They then wed on April 6, 2018. 

According to TMZ, Marty claims he was not able to properly consent because her pastor used "hypnotic prayer techniques."

Dash's publicist Claudia Greene denies the claims: "In our country, people are free to say whatever they want regardless if their statement is baseless. That's what makes America so great. With that being said, Stacey also filed her response in saying that she was unaware of her estranged husband mental state at the time of her marriage. With the line made famous by the film War Games "Sometimes the only way to win is not to play." Stacey hopes her case will be finalized soon."