St. Lunatics Rapper Blasts Nelly For Throwing Subs


St. Lunatics rapper Ali has called Nelly out after he says the rapper threw another subliminal at the group.

 "It's called a career and in it you have ups and downs…some never have ups themselves so technically they just never had a career. they just was apart of someone else. FACT!!" Nelly wrote.

Ali saw Nelly's post. He screenshot Nelly's words and captioned the post:

"Well, here is some entertainment to help you through your Monday blues..... Lastnight Nelly sent one of his subliminal disses towards me and my career..... The Truth is .. Nelly = 🗣 ... Ali =✍🏾," he wrote.

"I wrote it & he said it and we sold 10,000,000💎... Go to his page ..... do you notice that he hasn't said ANYTHING about that country album !!?? Well I'll tell you why ...13,000 !!!! Wow , that's how many copies of that album he sold !! 🤦🏽‍♂️, "MY" career was writing you a career."

Ali thinks that nelly is "suffering trying to hide the secrets."


Should Nelly come clean and give Ali his credit?