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St. Lunatics Ali Clowns Nelly For Not Being Able To Read!!

 St. Lunatics rapper Ali is clowning Nelly for recently messing up a speech.

The rapper shared a screenshot of a headline that read, "Nelly Struggles To Read Teleprompter & Flubs Speech At' CMT Artists of The Year."

 "OK this will be the last one I promise!!, I told y'all the other day on my live that he couldn't read !! This was just yesterday !! @floydmayweather … He was only going at you to deflect the fact he can't read !!! ….. I keep try to tell y'all this R Nelly !!!"

Ali was referring to Nelly clowning Floyd Mayweather for not being able to read.

Last week, Ali roasted Nelly for throwing shade at his former group. Ali clapped back, saying he is the pen responsible for Country Grammer.

"Well, here is some entertainment to help you through your Monday blues..... Lastnight Nelly sent one of his subliminal disses towards me and my career..... The Truth is ..Nelly = 🗣 ... Ali =✍🏾," he wrote.