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Usain Bolt and girlfriend Kasi Bennett are currently on vacation in Cabo, Mexico - and the two are enjoying the world's fastest man's recent retirement.

Usain announced a year ago that he was retiring from racing. He's now working on sports commentating and developing his worldwide charities.

But for now, Usain is just relaxing with his bae Kasi Bennet. the two met while teenagers in Jamaica. She's supported the trash star throughout his career.

Paparazzi followed Kasi and Using as they frolicked along a private beach in Mexico.

Later in the day, the two enjoyed some fun in high seas  while going fishing. 

The couple also had the chance to feed a HUGE seal that was comfortable enough to join the group on the boat. 

Bolt recently revealed hopes to have children with his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett 'in the near future', following years of enjoying a low-key romance. 


Just last September Kasi was caught up in some controversy and had to ignore online trolls. The beauty said that she was standing by her boyfriend following his Direct Message scandal.

The retired Jamaican sprint legend came under fire by social media users after he was caught sliding in the DM of a Saint Lucian make-up artist via Instagram on Thursday night.

The married woman exposed Usain Bolt by sharing a screenshot just minutes after he sent her a message.

The eight-time Olympic champion only sent a pair of eye emojis ‘👀,’ but it was enough to send social media users into an instant frenzy.

“She’s married what the hell is he doing in her DMs? Bolt has absolutely no respect for his relationship with Kasi or anyone else,” one user wrote on social media.

“Bolt really need to calm him ugly self down eno,” another added.