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Spring Break WHITE GIRL F*CKERY Continues . . . Two University Of Texas FOOTBALL Players Caught ON TAPE!!

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MTO News has been following the recent uptick in drunk White girls doing outrageous s*xual acts on video, with multiple Black men - all across Spring Break parties in America.

There is a worry that these videos may be used, at some point, to show some sort of CRIME by the seemingly willing participants.

The latest video - which has gone VIRAL shows to star players from the University Of Texas football program, getting it poppin' with a Blonde in South Padre, Island Texas.

Spring Break is known for the student's wild antics.But did these students take it a little too far?

Many of the students travel to popular Spring Break destinations just to hook up with strangers for meaningless sex. Many students down drink after drink before engaging in the sexualized behavior, and less than half of these students actually use protection. STD anyone?

There are many wild spring break videos floating around the internet. But so far, they all appear to be completely consensual. In this day and age of the smartphone, we hope the videos do not make it back to their respective colleges - students have been kicked off their courses for doing way less than this.

The video was too gralate Vic and so we removed it