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You know that new 'mute' feature on Spotify - well the streaming service released it so that fans can BLOCK Cardi B music from hitting their playlists.

No . . . seriously.

The Spotify feature was put in place after a fan asked the streaming service to give him a way to block Cardi B's music. Here is the Tweet that got Spotify to create the new "mute" feature:

Spotify responded to the tweet, and told him that they were passing on his suggestion to the Development team:

Then six months later, the feature was completed, and Spotify introduced the mute feature which all started from the person's idea being passed along from a tweet.

And that initial tweeter isn't the only one that wanted to BLOCK Cardi B from any of their playlists. Since launching the new feature, Cardi B has been BY FAR the most MUTED artist on Spotify - with more than 8.1 million mutes.

Here are the details:

Regardless of the mute news, Cardi still seems pretty unbothered...

The rapper, 26, took to the skies with 6-month-old Kulture Kiari recently, where the mother-daughter duo enjoyed a ride on a private jet while dressed in their cool-weather best.

Wearing a teal Reebok tracksuit, the mother of one cuddled and looked down at her baby girl from their comfy-looking seat, as Kulture sported a white-and-gold patterned snowsuit.

“I gotta fly I need a jet yea I need room for my legs , I got a baby I need some money shiieeet I need cheese for my egg ❤️ #Reebok,” the “Twerk” featured artist captioned her image.