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DJ Spinderella has filed a lawsuit against Salt N Pepa - alleging that they have finessed her out of millions of dollars!

According to TMZ they didn't cough up her coins when their 'Best of' album, was released in 1999. She was promised one-third of the royalties - she was later told she would receive $125k - but she says she received nothing.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Salt-N-Pepa excluded her from a VH1 TV show based on the group's rise to stardom where she was promised one-third of the group's fee for the show, and she received no payment for her appearance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. 

It's not new news that the emcees have not treated Spinderella as an equal. Spin was an integral part of their rise to fame, but Salt N Pepa are rumored to believe that Spin has not put in as much work as they have - but how can she when they keep excluding her!