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Spinderella has filed for a temporary restraining order against band members Salt-N-Pepa as well as sued them for royalties owed over the years that they've been together as a group.

Paul Stafford, Spinderella, aka Deidra Roper's lawyers says issues among Spinderella and Salt-N-Pepa will be discussed with the judge Friday.

"Spinderella is seeking injunctive relief due to the immediate and irreparable harm that has been caused to her due to the acts and omissions of the defendants," Stafford says.

Spinderella filed a lawsuit earlier this month against Salt-N-Pepa after she was "promised" one-third of the royalties from the album Best Of which she didn't receive. She was even told she would get $125,000 from the group, but never received it. 

“DJ Spinderella became synonymous with, and inseparable from, Salt-N-Pepa’s public identity as she helped boost the all-female SNP trio and brand to legendary iconic status and worldwide fame,” Roper wrote in the lawsuit documents.

The lawsuit may come as a shock to some, but Spinderella has always been treated like a third wheel in the group - despite the trio coming up together.