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In the new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Spice is going through an identity crisis. The Dancehall artist is looking for a new image, and is considering Caucasion-izing her appearance.

For example, Spice discusses bleaching her skin, and getting a nose job on the VH1 show.

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, another cast member named Mimi took Spice to a museum celebrating African-American beauty pioneer Madam C. J. Walker - in hopes that Spice will learn that “Americans fought for [them] to be proud in [their] black skin.” 

But Spice fought against the positive imagery - instead focused  the fact that the museum was full of tools that women used to conform to white standards of beauty.

Spice appeared convinced that she needed to change her skin color.

Although Jamaica is a predominantly Black culture, people are still bleaching their skins to appear more “beautiful.” The desire for a lighter complexion in Jamaican culture is deeply rooted by slavery and colonialism.

And it now looks like Spice went forward with at least part of her plan to Caucasion-ize herself.

New photos suggest that Spice just got herself a nose job.

Here's her new nose now:

Spice made her debut when she was given the opportunity to perform at the annual dancehall festival Sting in 2000. It was her first major appearance on a stage show and she earned several encores from the crowd. During this early stage of her career, Spice went on to gain a reputation for her performing abilities, despite not having any hit record.