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During a sit down with Billboard magazine, Spice talked openly about her upcoming album's delays, blaming her label, VP Records.

"To not sit and wait for anyone to do anything for you. I’ve proven with my Captured mixtape that getting up and doing thing for yourself works. I’ve gone back and forth with my record label, asking them when they’re gonna put this album out," she told Billboard.

"They kept saying, “It’s gonna be ready in three months or six months” and I just kept waiting. So I did it myself, and it’s doing extremely well. So that’s what I’ve learned -- just go get it."

But according to VP Records, they have a good reason for not dropping the album just yet. They claim that the dancehall artist has not given them enough materia

"VP Records recognizes that Spice is a remarkable artist with undeniable talent. However, she has not delivered enough tracks to complete an album project. In 2017, Spice agreed to help secure songs independently to complete her album," they said in a statement to Billboard.

"VP offered her a budget which she turned down and instead, released her mixtape outside of her recording agreement. We find this unfortunate as those songs could have potentially been used to finalize her first album. We take pains to ensure all proper business measures are taken to prepare the products we release. This process takes time, and is well underway for our eventual Spice album. VP Records is committed to completing this album in participation with Spice, to be released in summer of 2019."

Spice self-released the album last month which nabbed the number one spot on the Billboard reggae charts.