Spanish pop star Joana Sainz García has died after an exploding firework struck her during a concert at a music festival.

According to El Diario Montañés, García, 30, was performing with the Super Hollywood Orchestra when she was hit by a cartridge from a pyrotechnic device and was knocked unconscious.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

"[On behalf of] Prones 1SL agency, that represents the Super Hollywood Orchestra, and all our staff, musicians, assembly, and artists, in general, [we] express our most heartfelt condolences to the family, partner, and friends for the loss of our colleague Joana," the agency's post read on Facebook. 

"She always showed exemplary behavior, both personal and artistic, in addition to a great human quality. It's going to be very difficult for all of us to overcome her absence. We will always remember you, Joana. R.I.P."

According to reports, a doctor and several nurses were in the crowd and tried to help the singer after she suffered the blow.