Rapper SpaceGhostPurrp has threatened to shoot Tory Lanez because he thinks that Lanez was talking about his girl on his recently released project, Chixtape 5.

"I got your girl, bruh," he says in the clip while wantonly waving around a gun in the presence of a child. "She with a real n*gga. You over here making love songs about her. She's over here kicking it with me. You gotta get your mind, right."

And then he makes the threat against the singer: "You so much of a b*tch I'll shoot you in your leg...and have you walk around with one leg," he says.

As if the threat weren't enough, he then went in on Tory for joining forces with T-Pain on "Jerry Sprunger," calling him a "fat koala-ass n*gga."

He continues to slam Tory's latest drop. Check out his emotional outburst in the clip below.