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Viewers of 'Southern Charm' were in an uproar after they were introduced to new cast member, Eliza Limehouse.

After appearing for the first time on the show, fans were shocked by Eliza's confrontational conversations and even felt that the new addition to the show was high on drugs as she continued to display odd behavior during the dinner party.

According to original cast member, Cameran Eubanks (who introduced Eliza to the show) she was not high.

I'm not good at a lot of things, but I'm a pretty damn good judge of character," Cameran said via her Instagram story in defense of her friend.

 "I promise y' all that Eliza has a good heart. She is not a bad person. Her delivery was atrocious, and she's aware of that. Her intent and her heart is good and pure. I promise you that. I think that intent is what people should be judge on. Not their delivery. Y'all hang in there, get to know her, y' all will all love her like I do."