Thomas Ravenel, one of the main cast members of the Bravo show, 'Southern Charm' has been exposed by a former nanny, accusing him of abusing his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis.

The former nanny, Dawn Ledwell alleges that he threw cigarette butts at his baby mama Kathryn and begged her to abort their son, Saint.

She also claimed that he begged an Uber driver to wipe cocaine off his face while on the way to the hospital after his son was born prematurely and admitted that he had an alcohol problem.

“He nearly amputated Kathryn’s hand in a car door,” Dawn said in her deposition obtained by MailOnline.

“One day he was very angry at Kathryn for not keeping her house cleaning up and was pushing over bookshelves.”

Dan had previously accused Ravenel of sexually assaulting her during her time working for him.

“The workplace violence came to the point where I had no choice along with him giving me half my hours to another nanny had no choice but to resign,” she said according to documents.

Ravenel will not be appearing in the upcoming season of the show.