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During a recent episode of 'Southern Charm,' viewers saw Naomi Olindo introducing her new boyfriend, Metul Shah being introduced to Cameron Eubanks - and Cameran called him "exotic" in her confessional.

A fan asked Naomi whether she thought Cameran's use of the word exotic was offensive and Naomi dismissed it right away:

“Not at all. And he didn’t either. Since when is that an insult?” she asked. “[Cameran] loves Metul, and he loves her back," before telling them “not make a mountain out of a molehill.”

She later gushed over her new bae:

“I can always trust that he will know or do the right thing.

“He was raised incredibly well. I trust his judgment more than I trust my own,” Naomie admitted. “His level headedness, his refusal to say negative things about others, and his overall happy spirit.”

The pair have been dating for over a year. Naomi previously dated co-star Craig Conover.