Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has revealed in new court documents that she had an abortion after she fell pregnant with ex Thomas Ravenel's baby back in 2016. 

The pair briefly got back together, but according to Kathryn, she did not see a future with Ravenel, who was forced to quit the show after being accused of raping his children's nanny.

"This time, I did not believe that Thomas and I would ever get back together ... I didn't think we could handle a third child. Accordingly, I had an abortion in February of 2016," Kathryn confessed in an affidavit.

"I was diagnosed with menorrhagia, and had to have a D&C procedure to remove the uterine lining buildup and a mass left from the February procedure. This medical complication arising from the February abortion occurred while I was in rehabilitation, but I still finished the 30 day program and was discharged. I was not pregnant while in rehabilitation," she explained.

The couple is currently in court fighting for custody over their two children. Ravenel accuses Kathryn of drug abuse and neglect and Kathryn has made similar allegations against the disgraced politician.